Gameplay footage showing Link performing various attacks and moves.

How to play

Join Link as he fights, explores, and puzzles his way forward on a journey to aid Zelda. Get in the swing of things with this overview of the basics.

Master realistic swordplay

Intuitive motion controls allow the angle of each strike you make with the Joy-Con™ controller to correspond to Link’s in-game movements, creating immersive gameplay that relies on strategy and skill.

Please be aware of your surroundings. Wear wrist straps and allow adequate room around you during gameplay.


Gently swing your sword and angle your slashes to aim your strikes. Push forward to thrust.


Shake to raise your shield and deflect attacks. Shake again to go on the offensive with a shield bash.


Throw bombs with an overhand motion. Roll them with an underhand movement.


Hold up the Joy-Con (R) controller and pull back the Joy-Con (L) controller to draw your bow.

Gameplay footage demonstrating how you can use button controls to change the direction of Link's sword swing.

Go for buttons

In addition to motion controls, newly added button-only controls allow you to play in handheld mode, on the Nintendo Switch™ Lite system, and with the Pro Controller.

Think before you strike

Uncover and break through opponents’ defenses with well-placed attacks. Each enemy is different—keep a watchful eye on where they may be vulnerable and strike when the time is right.

Deku Baba

Slash in the direction of its mouth opening—or else your sword will bounce right off.

Red Bokoblin

Although seeming to be slow creatures, they can block your strikes quite nimbly with their thick blades.


Spin them around if they are dangling — or flip them over when they’re on the ground — to expose their weak point.


This hydra-like creature will regrow its three heads unless all are destroyed at once. Wait for it…

Solve intricate puzzles

Explore mysterious, multi-layered dungeons filled with strategic puzzles, fantastic gear, and memorable boss battles. Each dungeon is its own satisfying adventure.

Soar the skies

Loftwings and their riders share a special connection formed from a very young age. Hop atop the back of your feathered friend to fly around the isles in the sky. Dive off to reach different regions on the surface.

Craft upgrades

Collect treasures from around the world—like bugs, ore, and monster parts—to improve your gear at the Scrap Shop.

Maintain your stamina

Heroes need a breather, too. If Link pushes too hard with certain activities, the green stamina gauge will drain, and he’ll exhaust himself. Watch your back to avoid danger if this happens.

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