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No one wants to be shipwrecked, but there are worse places to be stranded than beautiful Koholint Island! Explore this tropical paradise, meet its colorful inhabitants, collect valuable treasure…and watch out for monsters!

While you’re stranded on Koholint Island, you might as well make the most of it. You can join the locals in a variety of fun activities, like fishing, trading, or even a wild river ride!

Gone fishin’

One of the first stops for tourists on Koholint Island is usually the local fishing hole. Try your hand at landing the big one—or even a Fairy Bottle!

The trading quest

You can find all sorts of people—and animals—that are looking for that certain something. If you trade enough times, you might even find something nice for yourself!

Ride the river

Looking for some fast-paced fun? Take a trip through the River Rapids for a chance to load up on valuable items.

Get gaming!

Pay a visit to the Trendy Gamester and try your hand at the crane game for some fabulous in-game items.

Tired of walking everywhere? Uncover handy Warp Points to zip you around Koholint Island!