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Everyone knows Link, the sword-swinging hero of countless classic tales, but what about the rest of this colorful cast? Let’s take a look…

A singing sensation in certain parts of the island, Marin is the first face that Link sees when he washes ashore.

Tarin tends to get into a lot of trouble, and it’s usually Link who has to bail him out!

Link’s mysterious guide who shows up to offer advice.

This shy old gentleman is happy to share advice with you on the phone, but if you visit him in person, he’ll clam up.

A frightful-looking but friendly fellow, his job is to “dig up interesting stuff” on the island. This is Dampé’s first appearance in The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening.

Of course, not everyone on Koholint Island is looking to help Link. Here are a few of the unfriendly creatures to watch out for.

As if those guys weren’t scary enough, there’s a whole other class of creeps you’ll have to face if you want to make it off the island—and they’re plenty tough! Here are just a few of them.

If you’ve managed to make it past the rest of the bad guys in a dungeon, you’ll be forced to take on one of the aptly-named Nightmares. These are the toughest foes you’ll face, but each has a unique weakness that can bring them down—if you can figure it out! Here are a few to keep you up at night…